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The fascia’s are the timber section of your front roof area, where your gutter fixes to.
This timber is prone to rotting. So if you’re having a problem with leaking gutters, have the fascia’s, scotia and gutters looked at now.
It will save you problems in the future.
The fascia`s are fixed to the rafters and support the gutters.
Fascia`s Wet Rot
Wet rot in fascia`s, scotia or rafters can be caused by continual rain water infiltration due to leaking and blocked gutters or inadequately maintained roof, it only takes between 10-50% moisture content then wet rot develops. There are many varieties of fungi that cause wet rot. The timber fascia’s split along the grain where decayed. There is typically some surface mycelium. There are many types of wet rot and they all attack damp and damaged timber fascia’s.

When the fascia’s are replaced, scaffolding or ladder work stations will be erected to enable the fitters to work.

Firstly the fascia’s, gutters and scotias are removed. The rafters, tile baton, and roofing felt are inspected checked for any rot. Should there be any defective timber this is replaced.

The new LOSP fascia’s are fitted to the rafters, and then the new gutter is fitted, And finally new LOSP scotia is fitted, (LOSP or Light Organic Solvent Preservative. LOSP is a treatment that is usually a white spirit based solvent to provide protection from insects and decay.)

Then the new timber is coated with 2 coats of Duraguard external acrylic paint. The scaffolding is then removed and the working area cleaned.

It makes sense to get your fascia’s, gutters and scotias replaced. It won’t break the bank and you can stop worrying about rotting fascia’s or leaking gutters.

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